First World Problems: Pain, Pain Go Away

Coffee. It’s a morning staple. Part of my daily routine. I don’t even have to think about what I’m doing. My body just instinctively goes to the pantry, retrieves the bag of ground up goodness, scoops it into the filter, and pours the water. Then I wait while the smell of coffee gradually fills my kitchen. Just a whiff of the aromatic brew can perk my senses. How do I feel when there is no coffee? Depresso. Just [...]

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First World Problems: Superheroes

My son was born with an umbilical hernia. It’s a common condition in premature and underweight babies. Umbilical hernias are not usually serious but if the hernia doesn’t heal on its own over time, medical intervention may be required. Three weeks ago I sat in the waiting room of a pediatric surgeon’s office. I had anticipated this day for the past 3 years. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t looking forward to it. My son’s hernia [...]

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First World Problems: To Do Lists

I’m a list maker. I always keep a To Do list. I keep one for work tasks and one for personal use. I love to check things off my list once they’re complete. It makes me feel productive and accomplished. For the last 8 weeks “write a First World Problems post” has been on my work list. Each Monday I stare at it and think, What can I write about? What has happened or inspired me in the [...]

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Emotions can flood, too.

  Dear friends, The shock of last week's flooding is starting to settle and some people may be experiencing normal, post-traumatic stress reactions. As we come together to help with cleanup, gather supplies and offer our support to those who have been directly affected, here are some tips on how to be a skillful listener: Give empathy for what we have been through Acknowledge that this has been a difficult event Validate that stress reactions are normal Hold hope that these reactions will probably [...]

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First World Problems: Getting Older

I don’t have cable; therefore the soundtrack to my daily routine is generally dictated by Spotify’s shuffle feature. Yesterday’s commute to work included a song called Timekeeper. A clock ticks as the music begins to play. The lyrics start as follows: Timekeeper I can't believe how long it's been Timekeeper I wish I could start over again I'm too young to be feeling this way Yeah I'm wasted as I lie awake There goes another day Whoa, timekeeper [...]

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First World Problems: Social Media

The past two weeks have been full of challenges - emotional anxiety, dealing with the loss of a pet, and caring for a sick child, whom I’ve now learned has asthma. A toddler taking albuterol treatments = wild child…but that’s a story for another day. Sunday I decided to shake it off and snap out of the blues. What better way to cheer up than to spend some time perusing Facebook, right? WRONG. Graduation photos, birth announcements and [...]

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First World Problems: Small Talk

  Have you ever asked someone how they are and actually listened to their answer? Most of us have brief interactions with people each and every day – family members, spouses, children, co-workers, customers, fellow grocery shoppers, or strangers on the street. Our busy schedules and over-committed calendars keep us facing forward, head down, scrolling through our smart phones. Societal pressures have us shuffling from one meeting, appointment or obligation to the next, measuring productivity by checking things off our to-do [...]

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First World Problems: Traveling

My two-year-old and I went out of town for the weekend. It was an eventful trip, to say the least. The high points included catching up with old friends, eggplant Parmesan, a full body massage, synchronized dancing (you had to be there), outlet shopping and a 5K run. The low points: hours of traffic, my car being towed, spotty cell phone service and driving home with a screaming toddler. Talk about first world problems. About two hours into [...]

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Is it the most romantic day of the year or the anniversary of a brutal massacre? As a somewhat cynical, single mom, I’m inclined to go with the latter. Valentine’s Day trades in the most insipid clichés of romance. If you took the promotions seriously, it’s all about hothouse roses, lobster dinners, cheap champagne, teddy bears, domestic chocolates, and tacky lingerie. It’s engineered to make people feel bad. On the other hand (where you proudly sport [...]

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This past Wednesday I attended KPCC’s very first addiction support group for family members and loved ones of addicts. I’m not an addict myself - that’s not to say I couldn’t be. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t affect a specific race, gender, age group or social class. Addiction can creep up on anyone. I won’t get into the dynamics of the group, other than to say it's both supportive and educational in nature. But I can tell you [...]

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