• MA Candidate,  Counseling: Clinical Mental Health, Concordia University Irvine 2021
  • BS in Environmental Science & Chemistry, Marshall University 2011
After working as a chemist for nearly a decade, I come to KPCC with gratitude and excitement for this opportunity.  Concurrently, I am pursuing a Master of Arts in mental health counseling from the Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine.


The Townsend model offers a holistic look at one’s life from the perspectives of attachment, boundaries, reality, and adulthood.  This includes exploring things like:  Do you have meaningful relationships?  Do you suffer from people-pleasing?  Are you able to grieve your losses?  Do you mutually respect, and feel mutually respected, by your peers?  I believe counseling is an opportunity to receive the grace, truth, and time one needs in order to experience growth and transformation.

I am also continuing to learn about emotionally-focused therapy, affect phobia therapy, and psychophysiology.  The mind-body connection fascinates me as I have personally experienced the physical benefits of psychotherapy.

(304) 346-9689