• MA Candidate, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, University of the Cumberlands 2021
  • BA in Business Administration & Marketing, WV State University 2002
  • KPCC Development Director
  • KPCC Families Motivating Recovery Support Group Leader

Life is a beautiful gift, but no one’s life is devoid of pain and personal struggle. Life transitions, big decisions, poor choices, loss, addiction, and traumatic events are examples of why we sometimes need emotional and psychological support. We all face these types of problems, and the natural reactions of fear, shame, isolation, and hopelessness can leave us feeling exhausted, anxious, frustrated, or numb.

During these difficult times we can discover that our coping skills, patterns of thought, and communication skills are no longer effectively serving us. Only after we discover why we are “stuck” can we begin to move towards healing and peace.

As counseling is a journey of self-discovery, my goal is to work with you to increase your self-awareness and offer a new lens through which to view the problems you’re facing so that together, we can develop effective strategies that empower you to cope with life’s inevitable struggles and improve your overall happiness.

I also believe that no one size fits all. Each person is a complex and unique individual, worthy of unconditional acceptance, regardless of his or her background, beliefs, personal circumstances, or struggles.

About me:

For the last 18 years, my work has been with corporations and non-profit organizations in administrative roles. I am also KPCC’s Development Director (see my admin bio here). Becoming a counselor may seem like a big leap, but for me, it’s a natural fit. I’m passionate about living a life of gratitude and I strive for continuous self-exploration and growth. Some of my own personal life hurdles have led me to an interest in helping to empower others to live their best life, too.

We are all in this together. It’s much easier to achieve our goals when we feel safe and not-judged. When someone is there encouraging us, and standing by our side, not pushing or pulling, but meeting us where we are. As a counselor, I hope to be that someone for as many people as I can.

(304) 346-9689