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MI Certficiate

KPCC Counseling offers a WV Certificate Training Program in Motivational Interviewing

We offer three levels of certificate based on your level of experience: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced/Coach.


Each level of certification is based on the helper’s ability to demonstrate MI Spirit and specific MI Skills. Demonstrations can be in a live observed role play with a WV-MI Coach, or via a recording, coded by us, or by an outside coder using the MITI.


The Basic Level, L1, is just a 5 minute recording
demonstrating the use of OARS. Sounds simple, right?
Give it a try and see how you do!


Did you end up giving advice or a suggestion
or try to fix something in the client’s world?
This is where is gets hard, sometimes really hard!


The best way to get feedback on your work
is to record the conversation using the phone free app otter.ai
Share the recording with us through the otter app
And send us an email of what you liked and did not like about the recording
We will send you quick feedback right away


If you get stuck,
we offer practice sessions and coaching
to help you advance your practice


For our current listing of certificate holders, please scroll down


Motivational Interviewing, as an organization. does not yet offer a credential in MI at the practitioner level. KPCC Counseling offers certificates in WV-MI to recognize levels of competence in MI in the context of the unique culture and values of West Virginia. 



kpcc mi logoKPCC MI workshops and practice sessions are led by Sky Kershner and by WV-MI coaches trained by Sky. Sky is a Member of MINT, the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. MINT is the only official body of Motivational Interviewing. MINT Members practice internationally recognized methods to promote, teach, train, and assess competency in Motivational Interviewing.


Become a WV-MI Champion
Commit to coming to two MI online practice groups a month
Receive special advanced training opportunities, email sky@kpcc.com for details


Click here to print the WV-MI Certification Program doc.