Motivational InterViewing in WV

Motivational InterViewing
“a way of look at something together” (inter-viewing)
that has the quality of enhancing
a person’s interest in making a change in their life


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KPCC Director, Sky Kershner, is a Member of MINT,
the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers
(there are 1300 worldwide, and 3 in WV)
and is a MINT Certified Trainer
(there are 80 worldwide)


New York Times Article on MI

“The Science of Reasoning with Unreasonable People”



What is Motivational Interviewing (MI)
Start here is you are new to MI


Learning MI
There are lot’s of ways to learn MI
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Learning MI


WV-MI Certification
How to show that you really can do MI


MI Practice Sessions
An essential part of MI Certification
Knowing MI is one thing,
being able to do it in a conversation is another.
One-on-One coaching of your recordings is also available


MI for Organizations
Contract with us to bring MI capacity to our organization







    MI Handouts        

Some MI Handouts and Videos
If you are in or have recently been to a workshop,
these resources may be helpful



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KPCC teaches people how to do MI!

KPCC has tons of experience teaching MI. We have been training people in WV in MI since 2012. We have trained over 5000 people in all kinds of settings and all kinds of trainings, from short one-hour introductions to 2-day intensives all over the State. We have done trainings for WVU, Marshall U, WV School of Osteopathic Medicine,  WV Supreme Court, US Justice, the United Way, DHHR, and the WV Council of Churches, to name a few. LPC, RN, SW, and Addictions Continuing Education hours are available.

KPCC MI Trainings are engaging and energizing
Our trainings also are fun, and interactional. You will not be bored. There will be no ‘death by powerpoint.’ Our trainings consistently get high reviews from participants.

KPCC’s MI offerings are led by KPCC Director, Sky Kershner. Sky is a Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. MINT Members practice internationally recognized methods to promote, teach, train, and assess competency in Motivational Interviewing.

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