• MRE, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • MS Clinical Psychology, Illinois State University
  • LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
  • BCPCC International Board of Christian Counselors Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor
  • NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist, Level II National Anger Management Association
  • I view my work in counseling/therapy as ministry-based on Christian values and clinically sound therapeutic techniques.

Whether you are exploring the possibility of Christian-based counseling for current life dilemmas or are looking to further your personal growth through spiritual direction, I’m glad you’ve found your way here. Before you choose to make contact, there are a few things I’d like for you to know about me and my professional mindset. I view my work in counseling/therapy as a ministry based on Christian values and clinically sound therapeutic techniques. With this approach, I have been serving children, adolescents, individual adults and families with a variety of issues since 1992. I believe in assisting others to use their God-given abilities to grow as healthy individuals and families. Knowing that the lives at stake are not my own, I view it as my job to give you the tools you need to take responsibility for your own life changes, applying what you learn in therapy as God leads. There are many ways to reach that goal, and I use a variety of approaches depending on your personal situation and needs. Further description of these approaches is available upon request.

I have a master’s degree in religious education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Illinois State University. I am licensed by the state of West Virginia as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). The International Board of Christian Counselors has recognized me as a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (BCPCC). I have earned the designation of Certified Anger Management Specialist, Level II from the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).

About Christian Counseling
Modern Christian counseling builds from biblical wisdom and Christian spiritual formation, salted with be best of modern mental health clinical practice for client and community betterment. It is holistic in that it is oriented toward a bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment and in intervention. Christian counselors of all kinds—when in the client’s interest, with their consent, and when appropriate in therapy—pray for and with clients, read the Bible and make reference to Scripture, encourage the confession of sin, the practice of forgiveness, and the making of amends, support the practice of spiritual disciplines, and give assistance or make referral for spiritual warfare and other specialized practices. At its best, Christian counseling integrates these spiritual practices and biblical truths with the best theory and proven methods of the mental health professions. (The above is adapted from “21st-century Christian Counseling” “A Statement for Credentialing and Public Communication to be advocated by the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Board of Christian Counselors, January, 2006”) Many people find this approach valuable in introducing a power for change beyond that which the client thinks personally attainable, thereby increasing hope. Some clients may find that there are elements of this approach that call them to re-evaluate traditional religious practices and/or the teaching of their local congregation.

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