Positive Help, Now!

KPCC Counseling is here to help you have a better relationship with yourself and others. We do this by offering counseling and education events at an affordable cost with a sensitivity to the spiritual aspects of life.

KPCC is an accredited, faith-sensitive, counseling center. We practice a ministry of acceptance. We start with people where they are and help them get to where they want to be.


  • ages 14 and over
  • all races and cultures
  • all faith and spiritual backgrounds
  • individuals, couples, and families

Founded in 1971, KPCC is an interfaith, non-profit counseling and educational institute, and one of the oldest and leading pastoral counseling centers in the nation. Our staff, our board and our clients come from all religious, and faith backgrounds, including “none” or unaffiliated.

All KPCC counselors are licensed and accredited, and known for being open, positive, available, accepting and helpful. Our counselors have a unique sensitivity to the dynamics of behavior and faith, and base their counseling on:

  • a belief that healing involves questions of meaning and value as well as symptom relief;
  • a belief that a caring relationship is basic to healing;
  • a belief in the inherent human need for personal and relational wholeness.

KPCC counselors work in conjunction with medical, psychological and psychiatric consultants. Referrals are made to other professionals when appropriate. KPCC services are available in a number of locations throughout the greater Kanawha Valley of WV. KPCC serves approximately 1,500 people every year.