I believe each person has unique strengths, diverse learning experiences, and a distinct path toward finding his or her balance (i.e., mind, body, spirit). When facing tough challenges (e.g., stress, trauma, illness, addiction, work difficulties, unhealthy relationships, other life issues), it is reassuring to know non-judgmental support, hope, and healing are within our reach. Read more.

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HOPE—the light that we all crave when life seems to end in only closed doors. Whether you find
yourself needing hope in a relationship, to help with anxiety or depression, or to heal deep wounds, we
can get through this together. I am passionate about being a fellow traveler on this road called life with
you. Let me share hope with you, so you can pursue your life worth living. Read more.

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Andrew Counts, MA, LPC, is a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor and a Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist – the first and only one in West Virginia. Read more.

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Feeling trapped? Tired of the same patterns and cycles? Sometimes our early life experiences can lead us into cycling in the same patterns with undesirable results. I believe in not letting the past dictate your future or define you. Read more

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My passion is people. I have been through difficult seasons in life and learned the value of walking through life with people instead of walking alone. Life has shown me that we all have hurts and our emotions can often get the best of us. I am no stranger to these struggles. I believe that there is no “one size fits all” way to healing, and I want to help you find what works for you. Read more.

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I am a multi passionate counselor and naturalist who believes in the power of connection. My passion for travel and broad life experiences have strengthened my love of human diversity. I am a proponent of community development and an advocate for mental health.  My intention is to foster a sense of empowerment during every session. Read more

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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Do you feel like you’re stuck on the struggle bus of this thing we call life and just can’t find the right stop?  Are you feeling trapped or feeling like nothing can or will ever get better?  Well I have some good news.  “Feelings aren’t facts!”  That’s one of my favorite mottos.  Life is hard sometimes and can feel overwhelming, lonely and scary.  You do not have to figure it all out on your own or walk this path by yourself.  Read more.

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Vanessa Landgrave

Are you struggling to understand your pain and suffering? Knowing how to cope? How to find hope and happiness? These are such common and natural struggles we each face daily. I want to help you feel unstuck and more connected and satisfied with your life through a trusting, empathetic and therapeutic relationship. Let’s change One day, to Day One. Isn’t it time?! Read more

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I am a passionate individual that desires to learn more about methods to improve mental health. I enjoy advocating for those that need support and strive to make a positive impact within my community. Currently, I work at KPCC as the Event Coordinator while working towards a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health. My desire to be a counselor grew as I assisted individuals with making important decisions about their careers that would impact multiple areas of their lives. I hope to bring compassion and hope to those who are struggling. Often, as we walk through challenging times, it can be hard to see what our strengths are. My goal is to help others find strength and resilience through self-awareness.

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