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Kerrie Harris

  • WV LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
  • MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Marshall University
  • BA, Counseling, Marshall University

My passion is people. I have been through difficult seasons in life and learned the value of walking through life with people instead of walking alone. Life has shown me that we all have hurts and our emotions can often get the best of us. I am no stranger to these struggles. I believe that there is no “one size fits all” way to healing, and I want to help you find what works for you. 

I primarily utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach to help individuals recognize how unhealthy thinking can lead to challenges in life. I believe that healthy thoughts lead to a more peaceful life. My goal is to help you grow in self-awareness, be able to recognize unhealthy thought patterns, and learn to replace unhealthy thoughts with those that will increase your quality of life. I also use a Person-Centered approach, providing you with a warm, genuine, and empathetic environment that promotes personal growth. 

I have a special interest in working with individuals on the autism spectrum. I have eleven years of experience providing individualized support to those with autism. I recognize that understanding autism is a significant key to successful outcomes in therapy. I also have a special interest in working with those who experience anxiety, depression, and difficult life transitions. I also enjoy working with young adults. My experience working on a college campus for over eleven years and my expertise in the challenges these adults may encounter provide real opportunities for connection. 

Are you going through a rough season of life? I believe that the most difficult experiences in life provide us with opportunities to grow and build resiliency. My hope is that when you encounter storms in life, you can learn to dance in the rain! Let us collaborate on your journey to restore hope, learn new skills, and invest in your well-being. You are worth it. Your relationships are worth it. 

I understand the decision to attend counseling can be uncomfortable, but I encourage you to take the next step. I would be honored to share in your journey with you. Everyone is welcome! 

(304) 346-9689

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