• WV LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
  • MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Marshall University
  • BA, Psychology, Marshall University

Questioning the reasons for your suffering, what to do and even yourself is very normal when you feel stuck, don’t have the answers, or even the support you need. Whether your struggles are internal, external, involve anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, grief, addiction(s), self-esteem or are within relationships that result in feeling disconnected and dissatisfied with yourself and life, I aspire to support you towards relief, resiliency, and happiness

[This world can hurt. We often feel stuck, even in our own minds.

You are vastly not alone, or stuck. And here is why:

You are who you’ve been looking for

We desire to keep looking for “more” anywhere else, but we can’t

That empty feeling is thoughts saying that you are not blessed with everything you need

Because this world teaches us lies that you are not enough

And we start believing it

It is time to see clearly that YOU ARE WHO YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR] (Roa, 2018).

The truth is, you are enough, you always were, and you just need yourself, we all do

-You cannot keep pouring from an empty cup-

I primarily utilize (but not limited) to Cognitive Behavioral therapy approaches (a psycho-social intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice) to helping individuals and families in learning about and how to change unhelpful thinking, feeling, and behaving through supportive problem-solving techniques, establishing personal needs, determining the “roadblocks,” and finding personalized coping strategies to better re-discover yourself and improve resiliency and happiness!

I also have training in other evidenced-based treatment modalities such as Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Art in therapy, and interest with emotional support/therapy pets.

I understand and respect the immense courage it takes to seek guidance and support; it would be my privilege to walk with you through your personal journey of healing and peace

So, let’s change One Day to Day One, together.

I look forward to meeting you!

(304) 346-9689