So I know that many people in the world don’t have a roof,
or have a roof and little food and no clean water.

Even in Charleston, there are people in a
tent city by the river with no real roof to speak of.

And at the same time,
when I finally got the car out of the driveway,
and got the kids to school,
and made it in to work,
and picked the kids up,
and got some groceries,
and swerved on the black ice,
and made it back home in one piece

And thought I could now relax for the day …

It was with some weird sense of irony
that I noticed a drip – drip – dripping sound
coming from the living room …

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing
that the roof overhead is working

Is providing shelter and comfort and protection

Sometimes it’s an outside job
Sometimes it’s an inside job
Stuff still happens
Things break, fall apart, leak

And bigger things happen
health problems, loss of love, loss of life

My goal is to have a perspective
that takes it all in stride

That is what we do in counseling
Help people develop a perspective
that can weather all storms