Sometimes getting out just isn’t easy. It’s possible you’re physically stuck inside because your town just survived Snowmaggedon 2016. Maybe your sweet but stubborn toddler refuses to wear anything but Ninja Turtle pajamas when you try to leave the house. Perhaps your mood is falling faster than the thermometer, bringing about mid-winter doldrums.

Whatever the reason, we get it. We feel it, too. But rather than just commiserate, we offer a possible solution. KPCC is excited to offer distance counseling.

What is distance counseling? Distance counseling is the delivery of counseling by a mental health professional via secure video, phone, chat, email or other technology mediums. It’s also covered by most insurances. That means you can receive secure and HIPAA compliant counseling from the privacy of your own home. Get the care you need without having to leave the house.

So brew another pot of coffee, put on your (Ninja Turtle) pajamas and give us a call. We want to help.